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Wellness Holiday on Amalfi Coast


Five-star method massage is an innovative and patented technique that merges sweet manipulation and functional stretching.
During the massage, an expert therapist will use a combination of ropes and supported cloth from a solid structure to elevate your head, arms and legs. Whoever receives this type of massage will have their back perfectly aligned and supported on the massage table.
The cloth used to hold up your limbs is thick and soft to guarantee the highest comfort, this allows your body which is partially elevated to assume a most natural position, completely free from muscular tension.
Using this innovative technique during the massage allows the therapist to carry out functional stretching useful for mobility, muscles and blood flow.


Discover a new dimension to the nurturing art of massage. Warm water filled cushions cradle your body easing strain on muscles as your therapist reaches deeply stressed areas. All of the benefits of the traditional massage without the normal challenges - no turning over, no unconfortable face cradles; just uninterrupted relaxation. Hydrotherm changes your perception of massaginfoe. (Recommended for Pregnant Women).


A specific and intensive massage aimed at loosening tensions and contractures through specific manual techniques and postures. The massage therapist acts specifically on the musculature of the back and the legs beginning with slow relaxing techniques and gradually increasing the pressure of the massage. This treatment increases the oxygenation of the tissues and improves the blood circulation; thus giving a deep sensation of wellness.


Give your a break from the sun rays, urban life and pollution with our facial treatment. We start with a deep cleansing of the skin to get rid of toxins followed by light exfolation to remove dead cells. A mask and a gentle face massage to stimulate the blood flow will follow. The treatment ends with hydration to nourish your skin and it is combined with a foot massage.


A warm and wonderful massage with oils obtained from the fusion of natural butters that nourish the skin thanks to their moisturizing and softening substances. The massage therapist will let the melted oil glide on your body and will perform slow and precise movements to relax your musculature. This treatment is a real multisensorial experience that will leave your skin soft, hydrated and refreshed.


A personalized massage. Specific areas of tension will be targeted in order to produce muscle relaxation as well as an internal state of harmony. Warm essential oils will be used in the massage, perfumed with the aroma that you choose during your " sensory journey ". Every experience will be different, but always aimed towards making you feel calm, relaxed and at peace with yourself at the end of the massage.


This treatment encompasses the whole body. Focusing on your individual needs.

Welness through movement

based on the Feldenkrais method


never feel alone

Training with a personal trainer doesn’t mean limiting yourself to following instructions. Our personal trainers will model themselves around your needs and goals, following you and customising every session to make it unique. Discover the effectiveness of a training session with a breathtaking view leaving you feeling toned and well.

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